With the long-awaited Rio 2016 Olympic Games already well underway, the FEI is reaching out to fans across the globe – current and new – to showcase the beauty and magic of the sport.

Efforts to bring the sport to the masses include an innovative Equestrian Playground in the Deodoro Olympic Fan Park in Rio, a new website dedicated to fans, a host of #TwoHearts content for people to share on social media, and the video Hoofloose – cut loose, showing the Olympic disciplines in a whole new light.

Over the next few weeks in Rio, tens of thousands of people will have the opportunity to experience equestrian sport firsthand at the FEI Equestrian Playground in the Deodoro Fan Zone. The main attraction is a life sized mechanical horse – called Biscuit.

The one-ton simulator, normally used by professional and amateur riders to perfect their skills and balance using sensors linked to video screens, was shipped from UK-based specialists Racewood to Rio and is a first at an Olympic Games.

“We’re very excited to be welcoming all the fans to the Equestrian Playground and introduce them to Biscuit,” said FEI Secretary General Sabrina Ibáñez. “There’s nothing like trying out riding for yourself to understand the thrill and skill involved, and Biscuit is the perfect partner to give it a try. It’s the next best thing to having a real horse in the Olympic Deodoro Fan Zone!”

On the digital side, fans around the world have now have a wealth of