’s Facebook fans have selected Romeo, an 8-year-old spotted draft horse owned by Heidi Nash, as the winner of the “Help! My Horse is Sun-Sensitive” contest.

Nash’s story about Romeo, who suffers from photosensitivity, garnered 56 reactions and several comments.

Nash and Romeo will receive a prize pack from Kinetic Vet, including sunscreen and other products for their victory.

In her winning entry, Nash said:

This is my boy Romeo, an 8-year-old spotted draft horse who suffers with photosensitivity. Last April he became lethargic. He was kicking his run-in shed walls and sweating profusely. His nostrils were flaring. I called the vet out and he was not sure what was going on. He gave him injections of antibiotics, and banamine. Also, he drew blood. The results showed liver malfunction.

It was suggested to get X rays and more tests at another facility. So, the next morning we were off to a specialist.

He was diagnosed with photosensitivity, cause still unknown—too many nutrients, eating a poison plant, or some kind of clover ingestion. Over the next two weeks his white areas became very sore, the skin was crinkly like paper, then started popping open all over. His four white legs swelled so bad I thought they would bust open. At this point, the hide was coming off of him with a horrid smell. We had to cut the skin and hair away. After many months of bathing every day, soaking and wrapping his legs, finally showing some progress! He stays in all day,and gets his treatments in the evenings. This past winter, he wore a blanket with a hood, so the sun wouldn’t hit hi