Do you give your horse treats? We posed this question to our online readers in last week’s poll. More than 1,450 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 1,452 respondents 579 (40%) said they occasionally treat their horse to an apple or carrot, while another 278 people (19%) said they sometimes give their horse a commercially made treat. Some 166 respondents (11%) occasionally treat their horse to with a peppermint or candy, and 375 people (26%) selected “other” as their poll response. The remaining 54 individuals (4%) said they do not give treats to their horses.

Additionally, more than 450 people shared comments about how, when, and why they treat their horse:

Many people commented about the type of treats they give their horses:

  • “They get all of the above. They get some type of treat almost every day, not just occasionally!”
  • “Puff mints for the old guy, and commercially available low-carb, low-sugar treats for the rest.”
  • “Usually commercial treats, also apples and carrots, but no peppermints or candy.”
  • “I regularly give treats, apples, carrots, and horse cookies whenever I go to the barn.”
  • “My horse likes roasted, salted peanuts in the shell.”
  • “Licorice and peanuts.”
  • “Shelled peanuts for stretching.”
  • “Yes, I give my horse apples, carrots, peppermints, and commercially made treats.”
  • “All, except candy, plus soft commercial treats to hide pills in. They must be polite or no treat.”
  • “I frequently give my horse apples, bananas, carrots, and commercially made treats!