Starting in January 2017, the American Horse Council (AHC) will be offering a new membership option for students.

The student membership will be available to both high school and college students, and membership will be subject to verification; only full-time enrolled students are eligible.

“The involvement of youth in our industry is critical to its future,” said Julie Broadway, AHC president. “We felt that it was important to expose students to the issues in Washington, D.C. and how the federal government can impact the industry they love.”

The student membership will be available for $25 and includes:

  • A quarterly roundup of the issues impacting the industry and other noteworthy articles with the AHC News;
  • Information on effectively getting in contact with your member of Congress with the Grassroots Lobbying Guideline;
  • Up-to-the-minute information on legislation and regulations with the Washington Update;
  • Discounted registration to the AHC’s Annual Meeting and National Issues Forum;
  • Opportunities to meet with AHC Staff for insights and information;
  • Discounts from John Deere, Nationwide Insurance, Redbrand Fencing, HotelStorm, and more; and
  • An AHC window decal.

“It’s more important now than ever to get the youth in the industry involved,” said Ashley Furst, AHC’s Director of Communications. “Organizations such as American Quarter Horse Association, National Reining Horse Association, and the Arabian Horse Association have wonderful programs and memberships