Equine emergencies can impact every horse owner, and not always at the best of times. If your horse were to need emergency surgery today, would you have the funds to pay for it?

In last week’s online poll, we asked our readers how they pay for their horses’ veterinary care. More than 700 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 743 respondents, 324 (44%) said they use cash from their savings or emergency funds to pay for their horses’ veterinary care, while 264 (36%) individuals said they use a credit card, line of credit, or personal financing to pay vet bills. Another 51 respondents (7%) said their horses are insured for emergency veterinary care, and 41 people (6%) said they take advantage of payment plans offered by their vet. Only 8 respondents (1%) said they get a loan from a friend or family member for veterinary expenses, and 3 individuals (less than 1%) use gifts or crowdfunding campaigns. The remaining 52 respondents (7%) said they use other methods to pay for their horses’ veterinary care.

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Additionally, more than 70 people commented about how they handle their horses’ vet bills.  

Several people said they use cash or money from their checking account to pay for their horses’ health care:

  • “Cash. I budget for routine yearly care and keep slush fund for emergency needs.”
  • “I save cash for spring vaccines. Emergencies are s