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Free Lecture to Cover Equine Pregnancy

Prepubic Tendon Rupture in Mares

Prepubic tendon rupture is an uncommon but serious condition in late pregnancy that may have a poor prognosis and can result in death of the mare and fetus.

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Re-evaluating Therapeutic Shoeing

A Look at Therapeutic Horseshoeing

A farrier is part of a team that also includes the horse, owner, trainer, grooms, and veterinarian. This team approach is never more necessary than when a horse has an injury or disease.

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new BLM headquarters

Preservation of Rare Horse Breeds

With the national horse population trending down, the abundance of options available to horse buyers has left some rare breeds teetering on the edge of catastrophic loss.

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Guttural Pouch Mycosis in Horses

Guttural pouch mycosis (GPM) is a potentially life-threatening disease that may initially present as a simple nosebleed (epistaxis) or even poor performance in an equine athlete.

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American Quarter Horse Foundation; Life-Threatening Hyperkalemia in Horses

Clostridial Myositis in Horses

Clostridial myositis is a rare but serious bacterial infection, which causes inflammation and death of muscle and release of bacterial toxins into the bloodstream.

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Changing Trends in Equine Reproduction

Current horse breeding trends are characterized by a decline in mares bred and a new focus on well-being of established pregnancies, as well as enhanced genetic selection related to the health and future performance of foals.

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sarcoids in horses

Facts About Sarcoids in Horses

Sarcoids are believed to be the most common equine skin tumor, affecting about 2% of the worldwide population. Here’s what you need to know about these potentially problematic skin growths.

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equine influenza

Equine Influenza Facts You Should Know

Appropriate use of vaccination and implementing biosecurity measures are critical to protecting the horse industry from outbreaks of highly contagious viruses, including equine influenza.

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