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biofilm-associated endometritis in mares; Treating Biofilms and Latent Infections in Mares

Biofilm-Associated Endometritis in Mares

Bacterial endometritis that is refractory to traditional antimicrobial treatment is a significant challenge to the equine breeding industry. Fortunately, several therapeutic options are currently available to clinicians for the treatment of biofilm-associated endometritis in horses.

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imm in quarter horses; muscular disorders in athletic horses; Feeding Horses With Muscle Issues

Muscular Disorders in Athletic Horses

Certain muscular disorders, such as HYPP and PSSM, are common in horses because breeders have selected for specific traits, including enhanced muscle mass and metabolism economy.

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Rabies in the Horse and Beyond in Kentucky

Rabies is a zoonotic (capable of being transmitted from animals to humans) disease that is distributed nearly worldwide. Attention to the disease is primarily focused on preventive and control strategies.

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North Carolina Owners: Vaccinate Horses Against Rabies

Protect Your Horse Against EEE and West Nile

Both EEE and West Nile virus are concerning horse owners not only from the potentially life-threatening consequences of either infection, but also from the economic losses involved. Here’s what to know about protecting your horse.

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