Frank M. Andrews, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVIM

Frank M. Andrews, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVIM, is a graduate of Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in Pullman, Washington, where he received a DVM and MS. After a year in private veterinary practice, he completed an Equine Medicine and Surgery Residency at The Ohio State University. After 20 years on the faculty at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, he is currently LVMA Equine Committee Professor and Head of The Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, as well as the Director of the Equine Health and Sports Performance Program at LSU Vet Med. Dr. Andrews is Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Large Animal Internal Medicine. Dr. Andrews’ has clinical and research interests in gastric ulcers, gastrointestinal disease, and endocrine diseases and is involved in clinical equine practice and has been doing scientific investigation for over 35 years.

Articles by: Frank M. Andrews, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVIM

Deciphering Your Feed Tag

Equine Gastric Ulcers

Is your horse cinchy or unthrifty? Learn about EGUS, which affects an estimated 50-90% of horses.

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Gastric Ulcers in Horses: Frugal Management

I have just had two sale horses diagnosed with Grade 2 ulcers. Considering the frequency of serious ulcers in performance horses and the cost of treatment, has anyone come up with any more affordable alternatives?

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Gastric Ulcer Research

Gastric ulcer disease is a serious health problem in horses resulting in colic, poor performance, and pain. The term equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS) describes erosions and ulcerations occurring in the lower portion of the esophagus,

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