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Milt Toby

Articles by Milt Toby

It’s Been Fun

Horses and the Law was launched three years ago with one main objective in mind: to make complicated legal issues that affect the horse industry understandable. It wasn’t always easyÑlegalese sometimes can be as...

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With Apologies To Rod Serling

The natural habitat of Thoroughbred racing isn’t the Twilight ZoneÑbut sometimes it certainly seems that way. Case on point: Within the span of a few days last week, Rick Dutrow Jr. was named the leading trainer during the...

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Defining Liability

A trip to the restroom shouldn’t turn into a contact sport, but sometimes bad things happen. In March 2010, Thomas Duban and his wife, Martha, attended a horse sale at the Waverly Sale Barn in Waverly, Iowa. Martha said...

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The Lemming Defense

My mother always warned me about the dangers of following the crowd: “If all your friends jumped off a cliff,” she’d ask, “would you follow them? Don’t be a lemming!” Lemmings, it turns out,...

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A Shot Across The Bow

The United States Department of Agriculture recently took aim at the Tennessee Walking Horse industry’s failed efforts at self-regulation with a new rule requiring mandatory minimum penalties for violations of the Horse...

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Dogs And The Law

There are a batch of liability risks associated with operating any equestrian business, whether a boarding farm, a lesson barn, a training facility, or a trail riding concession. Most are of the equine variety: a rider is thrown...

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Mandatory Minimums

You’ve probably seen the emails or social media calls to action asking you to send a letter/fax/email to someone, either supporting or opposing a proposed law or other decision. Maybe you’ve even dropped a letter in...

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Finding Fault

If you fall off a horse and hurt yourself, is it always someone else’s fault? The answer, according to the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, is...

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Investigative Timeline

One of the perks of writing for an audience of sharp readers is that your comments often raise questions that never had occurred to me. I always learn something new when I put a column together and more often than not, I learn...

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Medication Follies

The medication mess that’s been a thorn in the side of racing for what seems like forever is getting stranger by the minute. On one hand, there is Doug O’Neill, trainer of Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner...

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