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Milt Toby

Articles by Milt Toby

Ag-Gag Update

A clandestine video showing Tennessee Walking Horses being tortured in the guise of “training” was released to the public by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) a few days ago, and the images have incensed...

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Scuppy, Part 2

What a difference a new court can make! A little over a year ago, a trial court in Connecticut dismissed a personal injury lawsuit brought by the parents of a young boy who was bitten on the cheek by a horse named Scuppy. The...

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Abuse Of Trust

Horse rescues, in the tradition of Blanche DuBois, more often than not depend on the kindness of strangers to keep their stalls and paddocks open. Donations are the lifeblood of rescues and, sometimes quite literally, of the...

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Litigating The Derby

With the Run for the Roses just around the corner, here’s an interestingÑand potentially lucrativeÑDerby party bet: How many of the 137 Derby winners listed on this year’s official mint julep glasses actually crossed...

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Across the Pond

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the workings of Kentucky’s equine activity law. This is how a somewhat similar equine-related personal injury claim was handled in England. Nadine Turnbull was exercising...

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Ethical Dilemma

It’s an ethical question, not a legal one, and I want your opinion. What do the Grand National Steeplechase and a weekly New York Times column on ethics have to do with each other? And why should we care? Confused? The...

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Inherent Risks

Almost every stateÑall except New York, Maryland, Nevada, and CaliforniaÑhave some sort of equine activity law that in many situations can serve as a defense to a horse-related personal injury claim. These state laws differ in...

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Worth 1,000 Words

A relative of a friend of a friend was taking photographs at a horse show recently when she was informed by a representative of event management that photography by spectators was prohibited. It apparently didn’t matter...

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Entertainment Watchdog

Affording an industry the freedom to regulate itself presents a classic dilemma: It sounds good, and sometimes it works. But sometimes is doesn’t. Self-policing in the Tennessee Walking Horse community to end the abusive...

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A Run Of Bad Luck

When singer Ray Charles lamented that “if it wasn’t for bad luck . . . I wouldn’t have no luck at all,” he wasn’t singing about Luck, HBO’s ill-fated series about Thoroughbred racing–but...

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