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Milt Toby

Articles by Milt Toby

Meeting Of The Minds

Contract woes come in a variety of flavors, like ice cream. A few disputes arise because someone never bothered to read the contract. (“I’m sorry, judge, but I didn’t read it before I signed it” sounds...

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Politically Incorrect

Hansen posted a three-length win in the $400,000 Gotham Stakes over the weekend, and in the process enhanced his credentials as one of the favorites for the Kentucky Derby. He did it with a white tail. That’s not a...

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Fresh Start

The Internal Revenue Service is not noted for charity toward miscreants whose tax returns are, shall we say, creative. It was tax evasion, after all, rather than murder, bootlegging, and assorted other crimes, that led to a...

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Qualified Victory

I’m a big fan of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, especially the clause about freedom of the press. Part of my interest is self-serving; I’ve been writing about horses since before Secretariat...

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Nowhere to Hide

A few clicks of the mouse pull up a map with my house designated by a push pin icon surrounded by a red circle, sitting dead center like a bull’s-eye. The map tells me that there are no registered sex offenders living...

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Pay to Play in Congress

Eight out of 10 American voters oppose slaughtering horses for human consumption according to a new poll sponsored by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), one of the country’s leading...

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Rules of the Road

Horses and highways are a volatile and dangerous mix. Recent evidence was a tragic accident near Milton, a tiny town just north of the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border. Lincoln Geist, an elderly man driving on a rural road,...

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No Missouri Compromise

The turf war between veterinarians and lay equine dentists rages on. The battle line is clear: who should be allowed to float teeth–the removal of sharp enamel points from the surfaces of a horse’s teeth that cause...

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Donations and Deductions

Rulings handed down by the United States Tax Court are anything but easy reading. They’re usually long and complicated, and they frequently deal with obscure portions of the massive U.S. Tax Code that make sense to some...

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