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Stimulating Activity

I never know what to expect when I head up to the barn at feeding time. Usually Jo greets me (or, at least, the milk

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Udder Surprise

When my cell phone rang a bit after 9:00am and I noticed the caller ID, I braced for bad news. Tabitha was calling from the

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Laminitis? Hermione in Pain

One wince was enough to convince me that something wasn’t right. Hermione tensed up with pain just shifting her weight before she even started to

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Pens and Needles

I’ve never put too much faith in "equine understanding." Horses just don’t see things the same way humans do. But the past few days have

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Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Blue’s behavior was puzzling. While maiden mares will occasionally reject their foals (the Mar. 3 issue of The Blood-Horse includes an article mentioning that the

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Orphan Options

While Hermione and Jo got to know each other, I talked with Chris and Tabitha about where we were headed–with a day-old filly who needed

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Rejection! (and Sedation)

Dr. Friend administered some sedatives so that Blue would calm down. After the tranquilizers had started to take effect, we guided the filly to her

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Signs of Trouble

Two hours later when the foal hadn’t yet stood or nursed, I started to worry. The filly’s only attempts to stand were hampered by contracted

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Imminent Arrival

Valentine’s Day was another frozen day in an unusually long cold spell in Central Kentucky. My seven-year-old Thoroughbred broodmare, Exotic Blue, looked comically distorted, with

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This is a test. As you’ll find out, it’s a test in more ways than one. For the next few weeks, I would like to

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