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Shopping for Horse Farm Property

Managing Horses on Small Acreages

Do you want to keep horses at home? Are you looking to develop and improve efficiency on your small farm? Join us for this information-packed hour! Our experts will answer your questions about fencing, housing, storage, arenas, pasture and more!

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Before You Volunteer at a Disaster Site

If you choose to volunteer in an emergency or disaster situation, there are a number of very important factors to consider before loading up and leaving, even if the destination is local.

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The Trouble With “Evidence”

There are countless hoof products and practices—both verifiable and unverifiable—out there that the author says have become more popular due to salesmanship rather than evidence.

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On the Road? Shield Your Horse From Environmental Risks

Making a Disease Alert System a Reality

Similar to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for human diseases, the EDCC will serve as the official source of information about equine infectious diseases and provide real-time alerts when disease outbreaks such as the neurologic form of herpesvirus infection occur.

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equitation science

An Introduction to Equitation Science

Join two internationally acclaimed equitation science researchers to find out how this growing field of study can improve equine welfare, as well as you and your horse’s relationship.

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A Whole-Horse Approach to Managing Joint Disease

Joint disease causes lameness, impedes training, creates behavioral issues, and can end a horse’s riding career. From hoof care and nutrition to medical and supportive care, learn how to keep your horse comfortable and sound despite joint disease.

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10 Navicular Syndrome Resources on

Equine MRI

Learn why magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) considered the “gold standard” for diagnosing equine lamenesses and get your questions answered about how MRI can help your horses during this live event.

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Helping Horses with Heaves

Recurrent airway obstruction (RAO, once known as chronic obstructive pulmonary dysfunction, or COPD) can stop an otherwise healthy athletic horse in his tracks. Learn how to help a horse suffering from heaves in this live event.

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PPID Horses' Hair Cortisol Levels Examined

Managing Horses with PPID (Equine Cushing’s)

Researchers are continually working to find new and better ways to manage and treat horses with pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID, formerly equine Cushing’s). Learn the most up-to-date informations about this disease from our experts.

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Poll Recap: Free Horses

Full Circle Ownership

The AQHA’s Full Circle program, available at not charge for current AQHA members, can help owners track horses from their past.

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Seasonal Manure Changes
Bug Off: Controlling Flies in Horse Barn

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