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do i need a dental exam for my horse

The Evolution of Equids and Dental Work

The modern horse’s dentition results from millions of years of evolution in response to changing food sources and climates. Likewise, how veterinarians treat today’s equine teeth must evolve and improve constantly.

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Complications Related to Intrauterine Marbles, removing uterine marbles from mares

Removing Uterine Marbles From Mares

Veterinarians retrieve most foreign bodies from the mare uterus manually; however, more challenging cases, might benefit from the use of hysteroscopy tools and equipment.

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horse wounds

Helping Horse Wounds Heal With Amnion

Amnion, the relatively thick innermost layer of the fetal tissues, contains numerous biological molecules that promote tissue growth and improve wound healing, researchers say.

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Horse Itch, allergies
Seasonal Manure Changes

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