Mare Nutrition

Mare and foal

Get Ready for Equine Breeding Season!

Get your questions answered about breeding mares and stallions and producing top-quality, healthy foals during our live Q&A. We cover everything from selecting the right parents to gestational care to ensuring your foal’s safe delivery.

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Research-Based Horse Feeding Considerations; tips for feeding horses; Old Horse eating hay in snow

5 Practical Research-Based Horse Feeding Considerations

It’s one of the most common questions an owner asks: What should I feed my horse? Equine nutritionists look both to research and their own experience to find an answer, but oftentimes the most appropriate one is, “Well, it depends.” Here are some points they might take into account.

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Mares grazing in pasture

Fescue Toxicosis Research in Horses and Cattle

In this two-part presentation from the University of Kentucky, learn about “Research Into Managing Horses and Cattle on Fescue Pastures” from Dr. Jamie Mathews and “Grazing Mares on Novel Endophyte Fescue” from Dr. Karen McDowell.

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equine vet ce

UK to Host Revamped Equine Showcase, Equine Vet CE Session

The University of Kentucky Ag Equine Programs will host its 8th Annual UK Equine Showcase in conjunction with an Equine Vet Continuing Education session (formerly known as the Kentucky Breeders’ Short Course) Jan. 25-26, 2019.

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Mare and foal

Broodmares: Worth Their Weight

Find out what effect a mare’s weight and, ultimately, energy or calorie intake can have on her efficiency as a broodmare and on her foal.

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Supplementing Horses With Vitamin E

Supplementing Horses With Vitamin E

Vitamin E deficiencies can cause neurologic and other health problems in horses. As such, at-risk horses—from breeding stock and foals to equine athletes and pasture pets—might benefit from supplementation.

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iron for horses

Mineral of the Month: Iron

Iron deficiencies are rare in horses, especially in those with access to good-quality pasture and hay.

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lactating mare, broodmare, mare and foal

5 Tips for Feeding Lactating Mares

Lactating mares’ nutritional requirements increase drastically in order to maintain weight while providing nursing foals with enough critical nutrients.

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Mare and newborn foal

Get Ready For Your Foal!

Do you have a foal due? Learn how to prepare your mare for foaling, care for your newborn, and spot issues early.

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