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breeding older mares; Top Reproduction Studies of 2016

Breeding Older Mares

Are you thinking about breeding an older mare? Remember there are steps—some simple, some cutting-edge—breeders can take to obtain foals from mares with waning fertility.

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Horse eating hay

Horse Hay Q&A

Is one grass hay variety more palatable than another? Should I feed my horse the first or second cutting of hay? Equine nutritionists answer these questions and more about this essential forage.

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equine pregnancy rates; Broodmare; tips for feeding late-term broodmares

Tips for Feeding Late-Term Broodmares

With careful management and feed selection, owners can provide broodmares with the nutrients they need to support foal growth. Here’s what our equine nutritionist recommends.

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detecting twins in horses; Infertility With No Cause? Try Hydrotubation of the Oviducts

How to Be a Vigilant Broodmare Owner

Serious complications are uncommon in equine pregnancies, but when they occur the consequences can be devastating. Here are 6 high-risk scenarios to watch for.

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controling grassy weeds in horse pastures

Controlling Grassy Weeds in Horse Pastures

Broadleaf plants, such as dandelions and ragweed, aren’t the only weeds that can infiltrate pastures. Here’s how to control grassy weeds that can be prominent in summer pastures, including crabgrass, yellow foxtail, and nimblewill.

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13 Facts About Fescue Toxicosis

Special Report: 13 Facts About Fescue Toxicosis

Round broodmares grazing on lush pastures might make an idyllic picture, but danger could lurk in the grass. Download this special report to learn more about fescue toxicosis, its cause, prevention, and available treatment.

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Mare and foal

Get Ready for Equine Breeding Season!

Get your questions answered about breeding mares and stallions and producing top-quality, healthy foals during our live Q&A. We cover everything from selecting the right parents to gestational care to ensuring your foal’s safe delivery.

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