Rabies in Horses

Rabies, an old and clever virus, is making a resurgence in parts of the United States.

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Wildlife Disease: Contagious Critters

Diseases from other animals pose a constant threat to our horses. Disease-causing agents, or pathogens, lurk in local wildlife, fly overhead in birds, and lay in the next field inside cows peacefully chewing their cuds. These disease agents–whether

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Two Michigan Horses Die From Rabies

Two horses have been diagnosed, and died as the result of rabies during the month of April in Michigan. The first horse was from Casco Township in St. Clair County, and the second was from Deckerville in Sanilac County. The

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Rabies In Horses- 1997 CDC Report

Rabid animals were reported from every state except Hawaii in 1997, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, GA. Rabies was confirmed in 47 horses, donkeys, and mules in 21 states and Puerto Rico in comparison

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