Working Equids in Ethiopia Receive Donated Vaccines

A gift of vaccines to help prevent the suffering–and even death–of thousands of working horses and donkeys has arrived in Ethiopia, arranged as a gift by a Colorado State University veterinarian. The vaccines, donated by Fort Dodge Animal

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Umbilical Issues

When should a colt be vaccinated for tetanus, and does a leaking umbilical cord ever seal off without surgery?

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Vets Watch for Hurricane-Related Illnesses

With water pooling in places that it normally doesn’t and sharp debris all around, horse owners can’t help but wonder if conditions left by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita will cause an increase in the reports of illnesses such as tetanus,

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Puncture Wounds in the Foot

Within this subject, it is also a good time to discuss simple foot abscesses, as they are a common–and often the best possible–outcome for a puncture wound to the foot. Generally before infection can take hold, the puncture must penetrate the dead

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Researchers Declare War On EPM

According to a number of researchers across the country, anything less than an all-out scientific assault on several fronts will not result in a victory in the battle to conquer equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM). Veterinary schools, equin

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EPM Vaccine Argument

When there is a new drug or vaccine going through the approval process with FDA or USDA, there are certain criteria that have to be met. We discuss this in-depth in our article that begins on page 37. The

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Wildlife Disease: Contagious Critters

Diseases from other animals pose a constant threat to our horses. Disease-causing agents, or pathogens, lurk in local wildlife, fly overhead in birds, and lay in the next field inside cows peacefully chewing their cuds. These disease agents–whether

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Rehabilitating the EPM Horse

Your horse was diagnosed with equine protozoal myeloencephalitis, but with quick intervention by your veterinarian, careful administration of medications, and lots of nursing, he is on his way to recovery and being cured of the”P align=left>

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