COPD, Heaves & RAO


Infographic: Heaves

Recurrent airway obstruction is a chronic respiratory problem similar to asthma in humans. Help your heavy horse breath easy with tips from our visual guide.

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Airway Remodeling in Heaves

Airway remodeling occurs in horses with long-term, unresolved inflammation caused by recurrent airway obstruction (RAO), the disease commonly known as heaves. Is it possible to reverse this negative effect in horses?

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Helping Horses with Heaves

Recurrent airway obstruction (RAO, once known as chronic obstructive pulmonary dysfunction, or COPD) can stop an otherwise healthy athletic horse in his tracks. Learn how to help a horse suffering from heaves in this live event.

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Infographic: Respiratory Health

Respiratory-related health conditions are the second leading cause of poor performance in athletic horses. Learn more about equine respiratory health with this easy-to-follow visual guide.

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