COPD, Heaves & RAO

Fact Sheet: Hay Soaking

Fact Sheet: Hay Soaking

Learn about the potential benefits of soaking your horse’s hay, methods for soaking, and what to do with the remaining liquid (hint: don’t use it to water plants) in this information packed fact sheet.

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Across the Fence

Knowing When It’s Time

Sometimes you know it’s time: When an older horse in less-than-ideal health suffers a serious bout of colic, euthanasia might be the best option. But what about when it’s not so clear-cut–when continued medical treatment and careful management are options, but the animal’s quality of life could go downhill very quickly.

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Treating Lower Respiratory Diseases

Evidence-based approaches to treatment of airway disease in horses such as heaves (recurrent airway obstruction or RAO) and inflammatory airway disease (IAD), with Dr. Laurent Couetil of Purdue University.

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