Tumors & Melanoma

New Treatment for Equine Bone Fragility Disorder Evaluated

Old Horses: Diseases and Conditions

As horses get older, they face common age-related conditions and diseases that require management and care. Learn more about those conditions and diseases in this slideshow.

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sarcoids in horses

Facts About Sarcoids in Horses

Sarcoids are believed to be the most common equine skin tumor, affecting about 2% of the worldwide population. Here’s what you need to know about these potentially problematic skin growths.

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hair loss in horses; Improving Dry Equine Skin and Coats With Nutrition; IBH vaccine for horses

Hair Loss in Horses

Hair loss in horses can be a frustrating management concern simply because the reasons for its occurrence are so many and so varied. Here are some common causes.

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eye tumor, eye neoplasia,

Eye Tumors in Horses

Tumors of the eye itself are very rare in horses, but those of the structures around the eye are surprisingly common.

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