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Waste & Manure Management

Poll Recap: Horse Housing

Bringing Your Horse Home

Before you bring a horse home, there’s a host of things to prepare and much to consider. Our sources share their recommendations for owners making the transition to at-home horse care.

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Use Caution when Fertilizing with Raw Horse Manure

Does Horse Manure Make Safe Compost?

Do horse feeds made of products treated with herbicides and pesticides create contaminated compost that threatens the health of future gardens? Can deworming your horses then composting their manure lead to drug residue in your pile? Find out how to make the most of your horse’s manure.

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composting horse manure; Methods for Controlling Equine Parasites in the Environment

10 Composting Resources on

Did you know May 29 is Learn About Composting Day? Get a head start with some of our top composting, manure management, and eco-friendly farm management resources available for free on

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Time-Saving Tips: Horse Barn Chores

Ammonia: Out of My Barn!

Ammonia buildup can affect a horse’s respiratory health and performance, but it is preventable with sound management practices. Download this free report to learn more.

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Preventing Water Pollution on Your Horse Farm

Preventing Water Pollution on Your Horse Farm

Get tips and information on horse farm water-quality issues, creating a water and soil conservation and nutrient management plan, and accessing resources available to help landowners comply with agricultural water quality acts.

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Farm & Barn: What's On Your Barn Wish List?

What’s on Your Horse Barn Wish List?

If economics were not a factor, what would you include in your dream horse barn? Here are some amenities owners have put on their barn wish lists, plus input from a horse owner with experience in both commercial and equine construction industries.

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Farm & Barn: Making the Most of Small Horse Properties

Making the Most of Small Horse Properties

By adopting key planning and management strategies, owners can keep horses successfully on small properties. Learn about zoning regulations, manure management, insect control, insurance, and more in this free report!

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