Fact Sheet: Thrush in Horses

Fact Sheet: Thrush in Horses

Thrush is a common, smelly hoof diseases can affect any horse. Download this free fact sheet to learn about the clinical signs, treatment options, prognosis, and methods of prevention.

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Mud Management and Equine Health

From sucking off horseshoes to perpetuating thrush, scratches, and more, mud threatens your horse’s health. Get your questions answered about mud management, controlling water runoff, and treating mud-related horse health issues!

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Thwarting Thrush

Thwarting Thrush

Thrush can cause serious and sometimes permanent lameness if not treated promptly and properly.

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Brushing Up on Thrush in Horses

Autumn is just around the corner and, for many areas of the country, that means the onset of wet weather, a reduction in riding, and more stall time for horses. All of which could mean an uptick in the risk of your horse developing thrush–that gunky, smelly, black discharge oozing from the bottom of his hoof.

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Thrush Diagnosis and Treatment

Most cases of thrush occur in inactive horses that live in stalls. Unfortunately, this describes a huge percentage of horses in the United States, since over the past few decades horses have become ‘apartment dwellers.’

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Building Better Hooves

At some point, probably all of us have used some type of product to improve our horses’ feet. And many of us haven’t seen the results we wanted, so perhaps we tried another. And another. Despite our best efforts, some of us despair of ever having

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Thrush in Horses

Athlete’s foot certainly isn’t life-threatening, although it can be extremely irritable. Thrush is not life-threatening either, but if left unchecked, it can cause some serious foot problems in the horse.

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