Mules, Donkeys, & Other Equids


Working Equids in Ethiopia Receive Donated Vaccines

A gift of vaccines to help prevent the suffering–and even death–of thousands of working horses and donkeys has arrived in Ethiopia, arranged as a gift by a Colorado State University veterinarian. The vaccines, donated by Fort Dodge Animal

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Mules Rule Over Horses

Managing Mules

More people today are turning to mules to take advantage of the temperament and work ethic of these horse/donkey crosses.

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Mexican Donkey Freed from Jail

A Mexican donkey has been freed from jail after doing time for assault and battery. The Televisa network on Wednesday showed “Blacky” gobbling food from a bucket after spending three days in a jail that normally holds people for public

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Mexican Donkey Jailed for Ornery Behavior

A donkey is doing time in southern Mexico for assault and battery.

The animal was locked up at a local jail that normally holds people for public drunkenness and other disturbances after it bit and kicked two men near a ranch in Chiapas

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Mules Have Their Day in Tennessee

The much maligned mule is getting a day of celebration but will have to share the spotlight with a breed of even sorrier reputation–the politicians.

The Mule Day parade set for Saturday is the highlight of a six-day celebration honoring th

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Ovariectomy an Option for Performance Mares and Molly Mules

Lacey is beautiful, full of personality, and very athletic–for a mule, that is. Her owners plan on showing their cherished mule when she is ready, but they face an obstacle that all owners of female mules or mares go through–heat cycles.

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Donkey Rescue Looking to Expand

Instead of finding homes for abandoned dogs or cats, one animal rescue group is asking Minnesotans to adopt donkeys.

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue has more than 1,000 donkeys, including abused and neglected domestic donkeys and wild burros.

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Why do mules and donkeys have heightened “territorial” or protective instincts when compared to horses?

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Mule Clones Head for the Races

University of Idaho mule clones Idaho Gem and Idaho Star are headed for the races.

But first the pair must complete nearly a year of training before they actually reach a racetrack in 2006. That’s when the two clones will begin to prove

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Mules and Donkeys

In addition to long ears, she said, donkeys have a short, upright mane and have finer, lighter hair around the eyes and muzzle when compared to horses. Donkeys have no forelock and have a switch for a tail. Mules normally will have a full tail, but might not have a forelock.

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Wild Horse and Burro Management

“Be it enacted by the Senate and Horse of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, The Congress finds and declares that wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of

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