Trailers & Trailer Safety


Dealing with a Trailer Accident

Having an accident with a van or trailer carrying a horse is a nightmare. Always do everything in your power to prevent a vehicle accident with horses on board (or anytime for that matter).

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Emergency Transportation

You should be prepared to ship a horse if it is in need of emergency care at a veterinary hospital. If you have your own trailer, make sure that it is in working order at all times (the truck, too) and always have a back-up plan.

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Double-Decker Trailering: Casting Stones…

Some states–because of pressure from constituents–have passed laws that won’t permit slaughter horses to be hauled in double-decker trucks through their states. That’s a fine idea, but I don’t think any of the state laws would have covered this in

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USRider Assists Gimenez in Trailer Accident Survey

USRider has teamed up with nationally known large-animal rescue veterinarian Tomas Gimenez, DrMedVet, in an effort to further enhance the safety of horses and those who travel with horses.

Through an innovative research project, USRider

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Assessing Ivan’s Damage

Hurricane Ivan made furious landfall near Gulf Shores, Ala., early yesterday, tearing into the landscape with winds of up to130 mph, causing coastal storm surge flooding, and spurring tornadoes in several southeastern states. As of Friday

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Trailer Loading: All Aboard

Many experts believe that more injuries occur during loading and unloading than during the trailer trips themselves. Still, getting your horse on and off of a trailer doesn’t have to be risky business. With understanding, forethought, and common

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When to Refer a Colic Case

Horse Trailer Safety and Value

At home, on the road, and at your destination, a horse trailer must safeguard the horse. And as long as you own it–which could total the lifetimes of several horses and towing vehicles–a safe trailer proves the worth of your investment.

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Understanding Horses

Sometimes we forget how many different types of equines there are, and how many different things we do with them. As president of the Kentucky Horse Council (I needed something else to do), I was involved this past weekend with our Horse Fair. I

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No Canadian Exports Permitted to the EU

Effective July 27, 2001, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will suspend the issuance of export permits for horses from Canada destined to European Union (EU) member countries. The CFIA has made this decision because current regulations

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Trauma-Free Trailering

If you feel insecure about assessing your trailer’s safety, it’s best to take it to your local trailer repair center for a complete going-over, but there are a few simple things you can do at home to give your mechanic a head start.

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Trailers 2000

Many horse people tend to think of equine transportation vehicles in the same way that we classify automobiles: There are the stripped-down economy models, which are perfectly okay for getting us from point A to point B, but won’t elicit envious

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