Kentucky Equine Research Conference 2018

The Kentucky Equine Research Conference 2018 took place Oct. 29-30 in Lexington, Kentucky. At this year’s conference, Kentucky Equine Research celebrated its 30th anniversary with a look back at how far equine nutrition and veterinary science has come since 1988.

Presenters from around the world reviewed advancements researchers have made over the past three decades in the fields of equine nutrition, digestive health, musculoskeletal conditions, neurologic disease, and more. They shared how those advancements have come to improve horse health and welfare, and they shared some insights about future equine research directions.

Watch for recaps of presentations in the coming weeks.

feeding weanling horses; feeding weanlings

Feeding Weanling Horses: Tips to Remember

Weanlings should grow steadily and moderately as rapid weight gain could put them at risk for developmental orthopedic diseases. Three experts share their tips for achieving appropriate growth via nutrition.

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Research-Based Horse Feeding Considerations; tips for feeding horses; Old Horse eating hay in snow

5 Practical Research-Based Horse Feeding Considerations

It’s one of the most common questions an owner asks: What should I feed my horse? Equine nutritionists look both to research and their own experience to find an answer, but oftentimes the most appropriate one is, “Well, it depends.” Here are some points they might take into account.

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EMS Horse; equine metabolic syndrome

Equine Metabolic Syndrome: Not a New Problem

While researchers have discovered much about EMS over the years, there’s still more to learn not only about the link between obesity, insulin, and laminitis but also how to manage animals to help prevent them from becoming obese and/or developing insulin dysregulation.

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Supplementing Horses With Vitamin E

Supplementing Horses With Vitamin E

Vitamin E deficiencies can cause neurologic and other health problems in horses. As such, at-risk horses—from breeding stock and foals to equine athletes and pasture pets—might benefit from supplementation.

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