Ligament & Tendon Injuries


Equine Digital Flexor Tendon Sheath Injuries

Digital flexor tendon sheath pathology can be difficult to diagnose and treat successfully. Here’s a look at Dr. Florent David’s approach, which he presented at the 2019 NEAEP Symposium.

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tendon healing; Rehabilitating Horses With Lower Limb Injuries; horse tendon and ligament mineralization; Measuring Tendon Stiffness to Monitor Healing

Heat, Cold, and Horse Tendon Healing

Both cold and heat therapy can help improve injury healing, but they can be difficult to apply to horses. So, researchers recently tested a pneumatic sleeve designed specifically for administering contrast therapy to horses’ lower limbs. Here’s what they found.

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Is Synovial Fluid Toxic to Horse Tendons

Is Synovial Fluid Toxic to Horse Tendons?

Researchers confirmed that synovial fluid is toxic to inner tendon cells, which could help explain why injuries within tendon sheaths and bursae have a poor prognosis for healing, they said.

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