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Hoof Supplements (Book Excerpt)

A number of nutritional factors are promoted as hoof growth aids. Such products may include gelatin, numerous vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other dietary supplements.

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Skin Problems and Climate

We recently shipped a horse to Montana. His coat is taking a beating with the cold, dry air. How can we help him?

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Horse management practices have drawn from many sources, but the link between an increasingly popular system for improving digestion in the horse and turn of the century Bulgarian peasants is perhaps one of the most exotic. Shortly before World

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Probiotics and Digestive Aids: Microbes to the Rescue

While the horse receives the bulk of the nutrients as his food is broken down, he’s not the only one who benefits; the microbes take their share and thus maintain their populations. Their presence is essential to the horse, who could not digest fiber

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Amazing Minerals

Of all the ingredients of a horse’s diet, minerals are unique. Here’s a rundown of the most important minerals in your horse’s diet.

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