Conditioning For Competition


Health Care for Western Performance Horses

Knowing how to select the perfect mount, train and condition him properly, and manage his health so he’ll deliver his best in the show pen is how champion riders of reiners, cutters, and rodeo sports succeed.

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Endurance Rider at 2010 WEG

Feeding Endurance Horses

Feeding hard-working endurance horses is as much art as it is science. Our sources walk you through an endurance horse’s diet, from conditioning to post-race.

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Avoiding Dehydration in Sport Horses During Summer

Exhaustion in Horses

Learn about exhausted horse syndrome, its clinical signs and causes, and how to prevent and treat it.

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Movement Asymmetry in Working Polo Ponies Evaluated

Understanding the Equine Muscular System

The horse’s body possesses approximately 700 muscles that control movement. By understanding how horses’ muscles contract to produce movement, you can formulate training and rehab strategies.

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combined driving

Caring for Driving Horses

Whether it’s pulling a plow or a buggy, going for a pleasure drive, or contending a combined driving event, driving poses health considerations both similar to and distinct from those encountered with your typical sport horse.

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