do i need a dental exam for my horse

Do I Need a Dental Exam For My Horse?

An owner’s Morgan mare might have something wrong with her teeth. What should she expect from an equine dental examination? A veterinarian with an interest in equine dentistry weighs in.

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How Old is My Pony?

How Old is My Pony?

I have a pony who is a rescue, and I have no idea how old he is. How can I estimate his age?

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wolf teeth

Equine Wolf Teeth

While these teeth usually don’t pose a health risk to the horse, they are often removed in performance horses.

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do i need a dental exam for my horse

The Evolution of Equids and Dental Work

The modern horse’s dentition results from millions of years of evolution in response to changing food sources and climates. Likewise, how veterinarians treat today’s equine teeth must evolve and improve constantly.

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