Bizarre Behavior

Dr. Sue McDonnell addresses readers’ questions about an older pony’s grumpy behavior and why horses might eat dirt.

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Zweig Fund 2000 Research Awards

The Harry M. Zweig Memorial Fund for Equine Research honors the late Dr. Harry M. Zweig, a distinguished veterinarian, and his numerous contributions to New York’s equine industry. In 1979, by amendment to the parimutuel revenue laws, the New York

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Horseman’s Day 2001 Owner Education

The AAEP will present Horseman’s Day 2001 in conjunction with its annual convention for veterinarians in San Diego, Calif., at the San Diego Convention Center on Nov. 25. The agenda is filled with educational sessions designed especially for horse

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Veterinarians Honored

The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care has an Editorial Advisory Board of 37 members who offer guidance and critique on the content of the magazine each month. Some of these practitioners have received awards from professional organizations in

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State Veterinarians’ Offices Listed Online

Your state veterinarian’s office handles health concerns of horses ranging from West Nile virus and other encephalitic diseases to Coggins test requirements. Do you know how to contact your state veterinarian for information about your state’s

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Parasitologist Honored

A parasitologist on faculty in the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech was recently recognized with the most distinguished honor conferred by the American Society of

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Sole Bruising

A bruised sole can happen as quickly and simply as a horse stepping on a rock or working on a hard surface. It can occur as the result of excessive hoof trimming, or be associated with laminitis. Sole bruising can be an uncomplicated condition

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equine soundness professionals; RVC's Equine Locomotor Research Course Expands to America

Finding a Farrier

Here’s how to find a farrier whose experience is suited to your horse’s breed and to your equestrian activities, what questions to ask a prospective farrier, and what to expect at—and how to prepare for—the first visit.

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Pin Firing

What is pin firing, what is its purpose, and how often is it performed?

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Hoof Supplements: Feeding The Feet

Fed in the recommended amounts, the vast majority of hoof supplements will do no harm to your horse, but beware of feeding higher levels than suggested on the label, or doubling up with multiple supplements.

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Health Scheduling

For first-time horse owners, getting a new horse can border on the overwhelming. You have to find a suitable boarding barn or create adequate stabling on your own property and buy tack, grooming equipment, cooling sheets and/or blankets. Yo

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Long in the Tooth

Old age treats some horses better than others. Many continue to lead happy, healthy lives well into their 30s–a little slower, maybe, with some loss of muscle tone or a bit of a swayback, but otherwise in good flesh and good spirits until

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Bar Shoes

Once regarded as pretty radical, bar shoes now are experiencing something of a renaissance. In particular, egg bar shoes are being fitted to more feet now more than ever before-even those belonging to horses in high-intensity athletic careers,

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