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Summer Horse Care Tips

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones discusses different health conditions that can affect horses during the hot summer months, as well as management practices and tips for caring for horses during the summer.

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Blister Beetles

Blister Beetles naturally contain and secrete a chemical substance called cantharidin, which is extremely toxic to horses. Dr. Sarah Reuss lists the dangers of blister beetles and what horse owners can do to prevent their horse from ingesting them.

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Feral Ponies

Dr. Sue McDonald talks about the semi-feral pony herd and her current research at the New Bolton Center in Pennsylvania.

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What is Equitation Science?

Dr. Carissa Wickens offers information about the International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) and current research studying horse behavior and how horses learn.

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Horse Bedding Basics

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones explains the importance of stall bedding and the options available for horses.

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Caring for Miniature Horses

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones provides information about caring for Miniature Horses and different health problems that can affect the pint-sized breed.

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Melanomas in Horses

Dr. Martha Mallicote of the University of Florida shares information about melanomas, including the prevalence of these cancer tumors in gray horses and specific horse breeds.

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What is an Internal Medicine Specialist?

Dr. Sarah Reuss of the University of Florida talks about American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) and what it’s like to be an equine internal medicine specialist.

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Cushing’s Disease

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones provides information about Cushing’s Disease, or pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID).

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Joint Injections

Dr. Erin Denney-Jones shares information about joint injections in horses and what kind of horses or problems might benefit from joint injections.

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