10 Arthritis Management Resources on TheHorse.com

Osteoarthritis is the leading cause of lameness in athletic horses. This means veterinarians and horse owners are continually seeking treatments and management strategies to keep horses comfortable and prolong their careers. Research in this area is constantly evolving, so we at The Horse have gathered current resources to keep your knowledge up to date.

ARTICLE: What You Need to Know About Equine Osteoarthritis  Experts answer common questions about this crippling condition that affects horses of all breeds, disciplines, and ages. READ MORE

ARTICLE: Equine Osteoarthritis: Early Interventions  Detecting and managing osteoarthritis in its early stages can go a long way toward keeping your horse sound, comfortable, and happy in his job for years to come. READ MORE

ARTICLE: Non-Steroidal Joint Injections Gaining in Popularity  A survey found most veterinarians who specialize in horses and primarily deal with lameness issues use non-steroidal intra-articular joint therapies in their patients. READ MORE

ARTICLE: Alternatives for Managing Osteoarthritis in Horses: PAAG and Stanolozol  Polyacrylamide hydrogel (PAAG) and stanolozol might offer veterinarians and owners new alternative treatment options to help reduce pain, improve joint function, and minimize joint tissue deterioration in horses with arthritis. READ MORE

ARTICLE: Regenerative Therapy Options for Horses With Osteoarthritis  Learn about the biologic, or regenerative, therapies that have altered the way many equine veterinarians treat problematic joints. READ MORE

ARTICLE: PAAG Showing Promise as Arthritis Pain Reliever for Horses  Researchers believe polyacrylamide hydrogel (PAAG) could have a long-lasting cushioning effect on arthritic joints. READ MORE

ARTICLE: Cold Weather Challenges for Horses With Osteoarthritis  Plunging temperatures, snow, and freezing rain can trigger joint discomfort. Here’s how to keep your horse comfortable. READ MORE

ARTICLE: Conditioning Arthritic Horses: Do’s and Don’ts  A horse’s ridden or competitive career doesn’t have to end just because of an OA diagnosis. Two authorities on older horse care share tips for conditioning horses with osteoarthritis. READ MORE

ARTICLE: Diagnosis: Equine Joint Disease  Veterinarians have many methods at their disposal for treating and managing equine osteoarthritis. Learn about the different therapies and how they work. READ MORE

SPONSORED CONTENT: In Pursuit of Long-Lasting Joint Therapy  As a sports medicine veterinarian, what is the most important reason to consider adding polyacrylamide to your product choices? The answer is simple, long duration of therapy. READ MORE