The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is gathering burros in the Pahrump Valley community near the Johnnie Herd Management Area, located near Pahrump, Nevada. The food/water bait gather corrals could be in place for several months, depending on the burros’ movements through the area.

The burros are being gathered because they pose a safety hazard along State Route 160 and side roads in the Pahrump Valley, and have caused private property damage in the valley; six individuals have contacted BLM directly regarding burro issues in the Pahrump Valley in the last month. Since October 2010, at least five burros in the Johnnie Herd Management Area were killed or had to be euthanized due to vehicle collisions. There have been no reported human injuries or fatalities related to these accidents at this time.

“These particular burros are habituated to being in the Pahrump Valley and they have stopped foraging and moving throughout the Johnnie Herd Management Area,” said Krystal Johnson, wild horse and burro specialist. “They have lost their normal wild characteristics and have become public safety hazards and are causing issues on private land.”

The BLM is planning to collect approximately 30-40 burros from the area, utilizing temporary bait gather corrals consisting of a series of corral panels, hay, and water placed on private land where the burros have been causing property damage. The burros will be available for adoption after gather operations end. The timing of this collection is important, as burro-vehicle accidents and private land owner issues usually increase during the fall as the weather begins cooling off.