Since 2011 a group of executives representing some of the largest equine businesses and organizations have been working together to research, develop and deliver marketing initiatives to increase horse involvement. This marketing alliance created "Time to Ride," which is facilitated by the American Horse Council.

Since 2011 the alliance has grown to include 20 organizations and businesses committed to supporting Time to Ride programs and events that connect newcomers to horse activities. Each alliance member and partner pays an annual membership fee, which provides funds for marketing outreach and program development, delivery and measurement. The alliance is inclusive and welcomes all interested equine businesses and organizations to collaborate with Time to Ride to stimulate growth within all facets of the industry.

In 2012, the first step was research that identified a target market of potential horse enthusiasts in women aged 35 to 45 who had young children. The second phase, in 2013, included testing messages and images through “seats in saddles” events bringing beginner horse experiences to newcomers, along with a creation of the Time to Ride website. In 2014, the inaugural Time to Ride 100 Day Horse Challenge took place, and 702 stables, businesses, and organizations signed up to offer welcoming events to more than 25,000 newcomers. Plans for 2015 include the launch of a grant program supporting stables and organizations that create newcomer-friendly events. 2015 also brings a bigger, better Time to Ride Challenge with a goal of reaching 100,000 new horse enthusiasts.

Current marketing alliance members are:

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