Pala-Tech Laboratories™ Supplements for Horses 
These four feed-through supplements are currently available for equine patients, with more in development.


Pala-Tech Laboratories

How would you like to improve clinical outcomes with your equine patients? Using Pala-Tech Lab’s high quality, palatable formulations will improve dosing compliance and ensure complete dosage consumption, which will result in improved clinical outcomes. Visit us at Booth #1337 to learn more about how our “Science of Palatability” will help you and your clients provide better care for their horses. All of our products are supported by our 100% Palatability Acceptance Guarantee, so there is no risk for you or your clients to use any Pala-Tech formulation. Pala-Tech currently offers the following products, with more unique and beneficial formulations being developed:

F.A./Plus Granules

  • Easy-to-dose omega-3 fatty acid supplement for allergy and skin/haircoat conditions.
  • See visible improvement quickly…2 weeks.
  • Product Review by The Horse documents efficacy and benefits.

BALT™ Respiratory Advantage

  • Formulations work directly with the Bronchus-Associated Lymphoid Tissue (BALT).
  • Provides relief for the respiratory system and optimizes the horse’s breathing.
  • Paste formulation for acute conditions (results in 20-30 minutes) and Granules for maintenance and long-term use.

Gelling Electrolyte

  • Unique electrolyte powder turns into a longer-lasting gel for time-released water retention benefits for the horse and foal.
  • Choice of administration…feed as a powder or mix with water.
  • Delivers five energy sources for steady release over a 12-hour period.

Joint Health

  • Formulations include glucosamine hydrochloride, creatine monohydrate and MSM.
  • Choice of flavored granules, soft chews or powder. Much more affordable.
  • Comprehensive musculoskeletal supplement to keep horses mobile.

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