Equine is MinXray’s Past, Present and Future
MinXray’s portable and battery-powered systems provide veterinarians a reliable and flexible imaging modality.


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MinXray, Inc. was established and incorporated in 1967 from an office on Irving Park Road in Chicago. Its original model, the Serend 20 later known as the MinXray X100G, was introduced to provide practitioners, particularly in equine medicine, with access to diagnostic imagery regardless of treatment location or circumstances.

Since then, its portable x-ray capabilities have expanded to other animal and human care applications, but the commitment to horses and those who care for them has only grown stronger through portable, and most recently, battery-powered, ultra-durable x-ray systems.

Several advances over the past 50 years have continued to enhance the accessibility and sophistication of MinXray’s technology. In 1989, the Model X803G portable veterinary x-ray unit was introduced as the first 80 kV 30 mA generator for equine use that was under 40 pounds for increased portability and ease of use. At the annual American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) meeting in 1993, MinXray unveiled its first ultra-light high frequency portable veterinary model, HF80. This and all subsequent models using high frequency x-ray generating technology were painted a distinct shade of yellow that can still be seen on highly capable MinXray machines today.

A lot has changed over the decades, but MinXray’s commitment to provide reliable and flexible x-ray solutions that make portable medicine easier for veterinarians, horses and handlers has not. Its commitment to continued innovation and development ensures a bright future, with new products soon to come that will further fulfill MinXray’s founding mission of accessible diagnostic care.


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