Noltrex®Vet for Equine Joint Maintenance 
It’s time for a new standard in cartilage care.


Noltrex Vet Synthetic Joint Lubrication

Successful joint lubrication plays a vital role in preventing cartilage damage and the progression of osteoarthritis. Factors such as age, overuse, and injury can create inflammation which has a direct impact on the quality of natural lubrication provided by synovial fluid, resulting in an increase in friction. How best to manage this synovial fluid breakdown is a key concern for equine athletes. 

Historically, the go-to joint therapy treatment has been Hyaluronic Acid (HA). 

HA can contribute to natural joint lubrication as a key component in synovial fluid. However, HA rapidly breaks down in the presence of inflammation, becoming ineffective at the pivotal moment cartilage needs friction protection. This has resulted in the cyclical practice of injecting HA back into an inflamed joint. However, recent research questions its effectiveness to successfully address the problem for any valuable period. But due to the lack of lubricating therapies, it has remained the conventional treatment regardless of the question of efficacy. 

Until now. 

Noltrex®Vet offers a game-changing alternative to HAs currently available in veterinarian medicine, by providing a treatment trifecta that includes superior lubrication, prolonged effectiveness, and overall improved articular cartilage protection.  

In standardized testing, Noltrex®Vet has demonstrated lubricating properties superior to what the available HAs currently offer1. And Noltrex®Vet is the only product that has shown the ability to localize to both healthy and damaged cartilage surfaces1.  

These unique Noltrex®Vet characteristics have prompted veterinarians to evolve their treatment management programs in order to take full advantage of Noltrex®Vet’s benefits – no longer restricting its usage for advanced degenerative joint disease treatments only but incorporating its usage across all stages of joint disease. Noltrex®Vet can be used as a stand-alone therapy or complementary to standard anti-inflammatory agents. 

Discover Noltrex®Vet’s full potential in proactive joint management. 

Noltrex®Vet’s true potential is found when utilized in routine joint maintenance as part of a preventative management approach in equine athletes and cartilage degradation cartilage over time. By warding off the initial lubrication breakdown, Noltrex®Vet can help preserve your horse’s ability to compete long term. 

Ask about Noltrex®Vet today. 


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