The focus of this year’s American Horse Council (AHC) National Issues Forum will be "A Healthy Horse, A Healthy Industry," officials recently announced. The AHC annual meeting is scheduled for June 16-19 in Washington, D.C. The National Issues Form will be held June 18.

The forum will address the progress of the National Equine Health Plan, which will detail the issues surrounding the prevention and control of diseases, and the responsibilities and roles of the federal and state authorities and the industry to keep horses healthy. The AHC said plans are in the works to create a network involving veterinarians and federal and state animal health officials to relay time-sensitive information through a central communication.

"Our horses need a viable growing industry, supported by the public, to ensure they are enjoyed and can get the best care; fundamental to our industry is a healthy horse that can be moved interstate and internationally for breeding, showing, racing, sale, and recreational riding," AHC president Jay Hickey said. "There are a number of continuing efforts to accomplish these goals that will be the focus of the National Issues Forum."

In addition, an update will be given on the AHC Marketing Consortium, formed last year to help promote the horse industry. The AHC said "substantial progress on messages, themes, target audiences, social media, and test-events has been made."

The Unwanted Horse Coalition again will hold a meeting in conjunction with the AHC convention. Attendees