Despite the fact that European consumers in several countries were shocked to discover horsemeat in some "beef products" earlier this year, butchers, exotic meat suppliers, and restaurants have since seen an increased demand for horsemeat in some areas.

“We’re running at about a 100% increase in demand for horsemeat today compared to before the scandal,” said Paul Webb, spokesperson for, an online distributer of horsemeat in the United Kingdom. “It’s steadied off a bit since the scandal first broke out (when demand was even higher), but there’s still a lot of interest in the meat.”

New English horsemeat buyers are attracted to a variety of cuts, he added, from steaks to burgers to sausages.

Restaurants and pubs are also starting to order horsemeat from their website, Webb said. And it’s not just London that’s giving it a try. Eateries across the country are serving up horse to adventuresome Brits and finding it a very successful business.

“That’s a market we never even would have touched before,” Webb said. “But when they serve it on their menus they sell out every time.”

French businesses also experienced a surge in sales as consumers have been sampling the highly publicized meat. Eddy Mathere, a horsemeat butcher in Bray sur Seine on the outskirts of Paris, said that the scandal brought a lot of new faces into his shop.

“We had a lot of curious people just wanting to try it out after hearing so much abo