In last week’s online poll, asked readers what kind of hay feeder they used. Nearly 1,500 of you (1,473 to be exact) responded, and we’ve tallied the results

Of the 1,473 respondents, 684 (46%) said that they feed their horses on the ground or do not use a hay feeder, while 303 readers (21%) indicated that they used a hay net or a hay bag. Another 196 readers (13%) said they used a manufactured trough designed for feeding horses and/or livestock, and 139 readers (9%) indicated they used a hay rack. Meanwhile, 139 readers (9%) use a homemade or repurposed trough, such as a tire, barrel, or bathtub, and only 12 voters (1%) responded that their horses do not eat hay.

Additionally, 226 respondents provided comments about their choice of hay feeders.

Poll Results

Many readers mentioned the use of slow-feed hay nets:

  • “I absolutely swear by small-hole hay nets. Rarely use anything else, not even my hay cradle anymore.”
  • “Very small-holed net to slow feeding.”
  • “I use a slow feeder in a manger to limit hay in the sand.”
  • “I use small hole haynets to cut down waste and slow down eating”
  • “Slow feed hay net works BEST”

Others commented on their homemade or repurposed hay feeders:

  • “An inexpensive 110 gal. water tub (with drilled) drain ho