The offer of a free horse today often makes longtime horse owners laugh, cringe, sigh, or all of the above. In the past couple of years as slaughter has left the United States, there have been more horses needing homes that are offered for free that used to become part of the slaughter group. Folks in these troubled economic times are finding it harder to pay upkeep on their horses. When you are faced with losing your house or farm, and with feeding yourself and your family, then the 1,000-pound beast out back can fall significantly on the list of things you consider important. California, the first state to make it a felony to knowingly sell or transport a horse across state lines for slaughter (a law that, as far as we were able to track, was never enforced), was also the first state to publicize low-cost euthanasia clinics for horses. Apparently, the state’s horse industry can’t absorb all of those horses. But despite all of those problems, there are still people with the heart–and the finances–to take in one more horse. And even if one horse can find a good home in this economic climate, any efforts are not in vain.

Visit and follow the links for the Thoroughbred Adoption Service to find your next horse

Therefore, has created a free adoption service for Thoroughbreds and will publicize it in conjunction with our sister site (the leading site for the Thoroughbred industry).

While this free listing of horses is only for Thoroughbreds at this time, we will look to the possibility of using this for all breeds of horses in the future.

There are some amazing horses out there who just need a chance to find the right career and home. I’ve known several free horses that have gone on to become fabulous trail, competition, and even kids’ mounts.

There are some questions and concerns about having a listing of horses that