Audio | American Thoroughbred breeders interested in supplying bred mares for the 2008 Australian spring sales should attend a meeting by William Inglis and Son, Australia’s leading Thoroughbred sales agency since 1867, at the Keeneland race course first floor clubhouse on Friday, Sept. 14, at 4:30 p.m, said Matt Rudolph, Manager of Commercial Development Managing at Inglis.

“The purpose of this meeting will be to update Americans on equine influenza in Australia and inform them of opportunities to supply horses to the Australian marketplace,” said Rudolph (listen to audio) from the Keeneland sale grounds today (Sept. 12).

The potential for a loss of half the Thoroughbred foal crop of 2008 could result if the stop movement orders in New South Wales, Australia, aren’t lifted soon, said Rudolph. He said American mares bred on Southern Hemisphere time might be what saves this year’s foal crop, and next year’s sales.

“New South Wales is under a lockdown; that’s where the majority of the country’s commercial stallions are,” said Rudolph. “There’s no movement between farms of mares.

“Darley has a roster of 24 stallions, for example, and 19 are in quarantine still without a release date,” he said. “Five are on their farm. But the only mares they’ve got on their farm are their own homebreds.

“Arrowfield Stud, where John Messara (managing director) has Redoute’s Choice, had 1,100 mares booked to his stallions, and only 120 (mares) are actually on the farm,” he continued. “If this lockdown on transport continues, he’ll lose 90% of the mares. A lot of the farms are in the same boat.”

Rudolph said the government develop