The Ninth International Symposium on Equine Reproduction was held this past summer at Kerkrade, Netherlands, and it maintained its sound reputation for presenting original and applicable research. From its origin at Cambridge in 1974 until now, this meeting has been a model of consistent quality and a platform for the best minds in the world of equine reproductive investigation to gather every four years to exchange ideas and results and maintain contact with colleagues.

John P. Hughes, DVM, was certainly the most noted AAEP member to work in the field of equine reproduction. He, along with Peter Rossdale, OBE, MA, PhD, Dr. (hc) Berne, Dr. (hc) Edinburgh, FACVSc, DESM, FRCVS, W.R. “Twink” Allen, BVSc, PhD, ScD, DESM, MRCVS, and others, founded the Symposium.

Following that inaugural meeting in Cambridge, Hughes lined up sponsorship and made plans for the second symposium to be held four years later, in 1978, on the campus of the University of California, Davis. That was a grand second step and set the tone for all the Symposia to follow. All have adapted the local tone of the host country to the gatherings.

The list of locations would be appropriate for most travel agencies: Sydney, Australia, in 1982; Calgary, Alberta, in 1986; Deauville, France in 1990; Caxambu, Brazil, in 1994; Pretoria, South Africa, in 1998; Fort Collins, Colo., in 2002, and Kerkrade this summer. The 1998 Symposium was marked by one very dark announcement–the obituary of Hughes.

While the list of glamorous locations might suggest fun and relaxation, the real goals of this group were always “graduate student development.” Travel grants, budget housing, and joint activities all combined to allow developing minds to blossom in the environment of science. And, to fund this objective, many hours of student and professorial time are devoted to “the cause.”

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