Authorities seized 22 horses from a southwest Iowa farm and have cited the owner with 22 counts of animal neglect.

The horses were removed from Amanda Boyle’s farm on Monday after officials with the Harrison County sheriff’s office received a tip, Sheriff Terry Baxter said.

‘The horses appeared to be deteriorating so we got a warrant to check the animals,’ Baxter said.

Boyle, 36, was cited for neglecting the horses, some of which she owned and some that she was boarding.

He said authorities used Boyle’s veterinarian to check the animals because he was familiar with them. The vet recommended removing 22 of the more than 60 horses that were at the farm.

Baxter said the horses that were removed had not been adequately fed. They were taken to two other area horse farms, he said.

He said officials would continue to monitor other horses on Boyle’s farm.

Boyle is scheduled to appear in court on May 29.