Emergency Horse Shoe Removal

All horses wearing shoes occasionally lose one; do you know what to do if that shoe doesn’t come off all the way?

Everyone who owns a shod horse will have that horse lose a shoe at some point. Popped clinches, missing nails, interference from one limb to another, or an overreach can cause a shoe to come off. It might be a nuisance, but the shoe normally pulls off completely when it catches on something solid. A lost shoe doesn’t cause much more than an annoyance when you can find the shoe, although it can cause some hoof wall damage that takes time to grow out.

But what happens when the shoe comes halfway off and your farrier can’t get to you for hours, or even days? During that time, your horse can slash a loose toe clip into the other foot, or he can step on the dangling shoe with another foot and rip off chunks of hoof wall with the remaining attached nails. Worst of all, an

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