ReRun, Inc., a national Thoroughbred adoption program based in Kentucky, has announced a new fundraising project to be held this year in conjunction with The 2002 Mane Event, ReRun’s annual fundraising auction and dinner/dance.

Through a yearly event to be called “Moneigh–Equine Expressions,” many horses which have made a name for themselves on the track and in the breeding shed will vie for the honor of becoming the top “equine artist” by creating art that will be then be framed and auctioned off live at ReRun’s Mane Event on March 30 at the Embassy Suites in Lexington, Ky. Bidding will also be taken via a special web site set up for this event.

“As an industry we have an inherent responsibility to take care of the athletes that make it all possible, not only when they are winning, but in the many years that follow,” said Bill Kasner, co-owner of Winstar Farm.
“ReRun is a great organization, and Winstar is happy to support its endeavors.”
Several Lexington-area farms have agreed to participate in this project, including: WinStar, Mill Ridge and Cobra Farm. The list of equine artists includes stallions: Tiznow, Kris S., Victory Gallop, Gone West, as well as pensioners Groovy, Savinio and ReRun graduates, Our Mims, El Bakan, Known Ranger and Region.

The horses will produce watercolor art using a non-toxic paint in vibrant colors on special watercolor paper. Prototype pieces have been produced by Our Mims and other ReRun horses painting with lips, tails and hooves.

Once completed, the artwork will be photographed and placed on the Mane Event web site at The unidentified framed originals will be placed on display in Lexington during the weeks leading up to the Mane Event. Art aficionados will be allowed to vote for their favorite pieces, as wil