What a difference a couple of weeks can make. Or even days.

Jo’s ribs have stopped showing. She’s not getting fat by any stretch of the word, but she’s filled out pretty well. I see the difference every time I see her, which is at least twice daily. Chris and Tabitha have noticed the same happy development on their feed runs.

Jo and Hermione

Hermione keeps eating, but Jo takes a moment to greet the photographer.

This filly is the largest foal we’ve had. Exotic Blue is 16.2 hands, but her previous two fillies are both much smaller-framed than their dam, and we were beginning to think that Blue was just going to produce small foals. Jo looks like she’ll be the exception.

Several readers have asked about Jo’s breeding. The filly is a Thoroughbred and the mating was intended to produce a racing prospect. Jo is by the stallion David Copperfield, a graded stakes winner, who excelled at distances of just over a mile. Combined with Blue’s breeding, we expect that Jo will be a good sprinter.

We’re used to bigger Thoroughbreds on the farm–Exotic Blue is impressively large for a mare, and Dumbledore, a gelding racehorse-turned-trailhorse, is a full 17 hands. Our other broodmare, Brush Back, stands right at 16 hands but has her sire’s stocky stature–Broad Brush was built lik