Jo didn’t seem to notice that her supplemental feedings were becoming less frequent. In fact, the longer we waited between feedings, the less interested she was in the formula. The filly still whinnied at our approach and would convince Hermione to amble over to the barn, but it was more for Jo’s curiosity and amusement than for the meal. She would put her muzzle into the bucket and play around a bit, only occasionally taking a gulp.

Taking this as a good sign, we dropped down to three feedings yesterday, and just two today. Jo remains perky and energetic. She’s nibbling more of the mare and foal feed, but she’s not overtaxing Hermione (I tested the mare after watching Jo suckle today–there was plenty of milk remaining after the filly had drunk her fill).

It’s a few minutes after 11:00pm and I’ve just finished giving Jo her last feeding of the day. Unless she tells us otherwise, it’s also her last formula feeding ever.

One month ago tonight, Hermione felt the jab of her first hormone injection while Jo’s Magic attempted fruitlessly to nurse her new mom.