If you ever want to see horses in motion, just switch their fields around. It’s good for at least a half hour of excitement.

The farm where Jo is growing up is divided into four main pastures. The way the land lies, the first and second pastures are most visible from the house. The second and third pastures have run-in access, and are usually the fields where the broodmares reside. Today, Hermione and Jo’s Magic, along with our other broodmare and her colt, moved from the third field to the second so we could watch them more frequently, since we won’t be up at the barn quite as often.

Two geldings had been located in the second pasture, so we just switched the residents of the two fields. Of course, that meant that every horse on the property suddenly had different neighbors. What a thrill it is to watch nine horses running and bucking and tearing around as they process their new situation. It seems that even horses who aren’t normally demonstrative will let loose and kick it up for a while.

The broodmares aren’t quite friends yet. They’ve always done well together before, but this is the first time they’ve been around each other with foals, and both are single-minded mothers–very protective and uninterested in socializing. There’ve been plenty of squeals, bared teeth, and flattened ears, but it’s mostly a show, and I know they’ll all settle down together soon.

The mares and foals still have the geldings in an adjacent field–just on their left now instead of their right. And they now have a new neighbor: Exotic Blue is in the next pasture over. It’s been long enough that pr